At Dental Care @ 62, we consider it our privilege to offer our patients the best dental care in Marple.

Why is dental scaling important?

Plaque build-up is something most people have in some form and ignoring it can be bad for oral health. When one eats and the little particles of food and drink get stuck to the protective layer of the teeth, it causes plaque build-up. When plaque does not get removed for a considerable period of time, it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Regular brushing and flossing can help the prevention of plaque build-up but sometimes things turn serious and a patient needs dental scaling.

The good news is that at Dental Care @ 62, scaling is done with precise dental equipment that lessens patient discomfort by a lot.

Piezon Scaling Technology

This technology makes scaling a not-so-uncomfortable process. It makes removal of the tartar and plaque a more fuss-free one. Built with latest technology and adhering to the highest international standards, its straight-line oscillation patterns and controlled vibration increase efficiency in scaling. The hand piece is also ergonomically designed to ensure that the procedure is as stress-free for the patient as possible.

At Dental Care @ 62 in Marple, Cheshire, your satisfaction is our top-most priority. Hence, we have selected devices and equipment based on their high-quality standards and usability.

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