Missing Teeth

Missing teeth is a condition that can affect one’s confidence and also cause an inability to eat properly. Being toothless to some degree can affect a person’s quality of life and Dental Care @ 62 is a fully-equipped dental clinic that offers high-standard missing teeth treatments in Marple.

Services our clinic offer

Dental Care @ 62 offers excellent solutions to tooth loss.

This is a highly affordable solution for missing teeth. It is time-tested and is a low-risk treatment procedure that has been available for years. It is usually a treatment most people can go forward with.
Dental Implants
With this, you will have to go through a surgical procedure that will place your choice of implant in your mouth with the help of a dental prosthesis.
Dentures are provided to replace the missing tooth or teeth that are not fixed. We offer range of denture services from acrylic to metal dentures.

Restore your function and aesthetics – Make appointment to discuss further options.

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