General Dentistry

At Dental Care @ 62, we offer high-quality general dental treatments and services. For general oral health and hygiene for your whole family, our clinic is the best place to come to in Marple, Cheshire.

Having access to general dental care is integral for you and your whole family. Veenu and Laura will take the responsibility of diagnosing and treating all of your family’s oral needs efficiently. Some people will need specialised dentistry services; if that is the case, then the dentist will coordinate and find out the best dental treatment plan for you.

General dentistry services we offer

Dental fillings
With dental fillings, the function, morphology and integrity of the tooth structure can be restored and maintained.
If you are concerned about your oral health, Diagnosis of any problem at the earliest is crucial. We ensure all our patients are diagnosed, treated or referred, if required, to prevent pain, anxiety or any other symptoms.
Crowns & Bridges
We offer range of Crowns and Bridges at our practice. Crowns and Bridges are provided in order to replace missing tooth structure or gaps. They are indicated for fractured, worn or missing teeth and are fixed to the tooth.
Dentures are provided to replace the missing tooth or teeth that are not fixed. We offer range of denture services from acrylic to metal dentures.

At Dental Care @ 62, we advise our patients to have regular check up every 6 months to ensure early diagnosis and treatment.

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