Preventive Dentistry

Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

At Dental Care @ 62, we take this very seriously and ensure our team is well trained in providing our patients with detailed oral hygiene instructions and preventive advise as and when they require through out their journey. Our in house hygienist work hard to ensure gold standard of care is delivered to all our patients.

By definition, this branch of dentistry involves procedures which ensure that your teeth are taken care off so that they stay strong, healthy, and clean thereby:

  • Ensuring enamel does not undergo any wear and tear etc.

3 important practices of preventive dentistry

Thus in order to ensure proper growth and health of the teeth, 3 very important practices need to be adopted like:

Daily brushing
While brushing the teeth daily using fluoride toothpaste is a mandatory part of preventive dentistry, it is also advisable to brush and clean the tongue whenever you brush your teeth. This facilitates the removal of bacteria completely from the mouth and also helps make your mouth feel fresh and clean. The toothbrush should be replaced atleast three or four times in a year or whenever the bristles of the brush start to fray.
Interdental Cleaning
This helps to clean food particles and other things that get stuck within the tight confined of your teeth thereby preventing the onset of bacteria and other germs. Thus you should floss your teeth daily and do it in the correct way to prevent the gums from getting injured in the process.
Regular visit to the dentist
This is perhaps the most important part of preventive dentistry and we recommend you must visit your dentist every 6 months.

For us at Dental Care @ 62, teamwork involving both the dental professional and the patient, is the essence of ensuring good healthy teeth.

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