Meet the specialist, State of Art Orthodontic Referral Practice in the Area

At Dental Care @ 62, we take pride in offering the state of art orthodontic services by our specialist Dr Ulrike Jahr.

Are you unhappy with your smile? If you are concerned about any crowded, spaced, crooked teeth in your mouth, please be rest assured we would restore your smile with our specialist orthodontic services. We are a referral orthodontic practice in Marple and offer a range of orthodontic services from removable and fixed appliances to Invisalign to all our patients.

When is orthodontic treatment a necessity?
    • Crowding: The dental ridge has to accommodate too many teeth which cause a problem.
    • Spacing: There are gaps between teeth which are not filled up and which causes the person to have an unattractive appearance.
    • Misplaced mid line: The centre of the lower and upper teeth sets do not match and line up properly.
    • Overbite, underbite or crossbite: The teeth are not set perfectly and this again causes an unattractive appearance.

Orthodontics Services

Fixed Orthodontics
We offer a wide range of teeth straightening procedures for both children and adults. From braces to retainers, you can consult with our orthodontist about which treatment is suitable for you or your child.
Invisalign (Clear Braces)
Braces that can be seen don’t give the face an attractive appearance. Invisalign clear aligners straighten teeth more predictably and comfortably than other aligners and braces. Invis is your very best smile.
Lingual orthodontics
This treatment will place brackets in the inside of the teeth and is another way to make sure the world doesn’t see the braces.

At Dental Care @ 62, every care is taken to ensure that patients can get their treatment done quickly and efficiently.

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